Aaron Lam

Aaron Lam is an automotive photographer from Sydney, Australia. His childhood love of cars and driving has never diminished. Coming from a family of car enthusiasts, and owning his first ‘car’ (BMW push car) at the age of three stimulated more than just any mere soapy love for cars, but rather invigorated a sense of passion and avidity.

If you love the sound of a roaring Mercedes C63 V8 as much as the screeching exhaust note of a Lexus LFA V10, you’ll find you’re both on the same page.

Aaron promises to exclusively write in the third person when he composes this biography for which he hopes you’ll forgive him this one time.

My Story

Photography has and will always be my "outlet" to escape from reality and therefore my depression.  Having depression since a young age, photography has been Aaron's Utopia, a release from the pain inside.  

If you'd like to read the inspiring story of how Aaron overcame depression through photography, please click here.  

"Photography... a form of communication expressed through
the eyes" 

- Aaron Lam

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